A showcase of such a small scale does not compromise. We only work with galleries from the art and design world in whom we believe unconditionally; those who are able to present a strong vision and innovative program each season anew. We observe trends, co-develop ideas and support brave or experimental approaches. This commitment makes NOMAD unique and has not gone unnoticed among our exhibitors, most of whom return frequently and have become part of a tightly knit network that extends globally. Over the years we have worked with excellent galleries and partners who shape and facilitate each edition. Being a NOMAD exhibitor allows you to take part in a special experience with collectors, professionals and other gallerists, thereby being granted access to and becoming part of an intimate community with the world of art and design.




There are two categories at NOMAD for exhibitors, they can take part as a GALLERY or with a SPECIAL PROJECT. To be included as gallery, a physical exhibition space and a consistent artistic programme of at least three years are necessary. The special project category includes everything else – the wonderful new concepts and collaborations across design, art and jewellery that our showcase is a patron of. We are also encouraging proposals that incorporate a focus on sustainability, which we believe is a vital part of the rapidly evolving world of art and design.


Please contact Cécile Belli Labouret at cl@nomad-circle.com if you would like to take part.

Almine Rech Gallery opened its doors 20 years ago in Paris and has since expanded to Brussels, London, New York and Shanghai.
Maria Foerlev’s gallery opened 2013 in Copenhagen and explores the boundaries between design’s function and art’s uniqueness, fascinated by their power to influence people and their surroundings. Their passion is tangible and the gallery works with creatives who form their praxis in-between established notions of contemporary art and design, thereby seeking to extend and to enrich the field of interdisciplinarity and collective culture.
Friedman Benda identifies and advances key narratives that intersect contemporary design, craft, architecture, fine art, and cutting-edge technological research. Spanning five continents and four generations, Friedman Benda represents a roster of seminal established and emerging designers, as well as historically significant estates.
Larkin Erdmann Gallery was established in 2014 and is focused on twenty predominantly post-war artists, working closely with the respective artist’s foundations, estates, and families.
"The best advice is to collect what you like. There are lot of trends, the advantage of Brazilian vintage design is that the pieces use high quality materials, are well constructed, have amusing forms and carry a legacy and history by themselves."
Nilufar Gallery ventured into modern and contemporary design by the late 1990s, exhibiting works by the great mid-century designers alongside unique carpets, cutting-edge furniture designs and pieces by emerging talents. Since the 2000s, Nilufar has hosted experimentations and “cross-contamination” exhibitions, enhancing the Gallery’s reputation as an international reference point for historical and contemporary design love.
Since 2009 Oscar Humphries has curated exhibitions focusing on art, design, and architecture for museums, galleries, and independently. He has shown and worked with a wide range of material, from ancient to contemporary art. In the design and architecture field he curated the first exhibition in the UK to show both the photographic and design practice of Carlo Mollino.
Futuristic and ancient at once, Rick Owens furniture is the gateway into a different time. The scale and the material properties, often raw and heavy like leather, metal and rock, project a monolithic presence into the space. Calming yet invigorating they unfold in their existence.
Rossella Colombari was born in Turin into a renowned family of antique dealers and represents the fourth generation in the field. Given the intense bond with her grandfather and father, she had the privilege of growing up surrounded by the enrichening world of antiques and obtained a wide cultural formation. At the beginning of the 1980’s she founded her first gallery, focusing on 20th century design and pioneering the development of collecting modern design.
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