NOMAD’s circle comprises both MEMBERS and GUESTS.

To delineate and nurture an ever-growing community of collectors, professionals, and enthusiasts in the world of art and design, NOMAD offers an exclusive CIRCLE and VIP membership program which grants access to previews, special events, private gatherings, and other selected activities with partners. Both the CIRCLE and VIP membership are accessible after accreditation and granted depending on collection and professional affiliations.


If you are interested in exclusive CIRCLE and VIP Membership, register here and contact
Note: if your accreditation is unsuccessful you will automatically be registered as a GUEST.

NOMAD GUESTS can attend the fair and will receive all relevant information on current and forthcoming editions.
If you want to be a NOMAD GUEST, please register here.



For press enquiries please contact:
Cécile Belli Labouret

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