Conceived in 2017 by Giorgio Pace and Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, NOMAD has successfully completed multiple editions in Capri, St. Moritz, Monaco, Venice, and Cannes (virtual). Created as a concept that is set up to travel the world, NOMAD frequently announces a new destination. By doing this, NOMAD responds to a steadily growing interest in collectible design and contemporary art among collectors and cultural institutions. Each edition hosts leading international galleries, standout exhibitions, and ad hoc special projects in extraordinary architectural locations.

NOMAD establishes a unique dialogue between art, architecture, and design in a very intimate setting. It hence aims to rethink how cultural agency is represented. It is a bespoke fair for a select audience looking for an experience which is different to the one typically found at large-scale fairs.

In addition to the main event, NOMAD boasts a distinguished VIP program, consisting of talks by prominent designers and artists, architect-led tours of local landmarks, and invitations to private homes or collections that inspire visitors and participants alike and allow for spending rare moments with new acquaintances, future colleagues and old companions.

Every showcase lasts four to five days, and access is limited to NOMAD CIRCLE and VIP members and registered GUESTS.


From the very beginning NOMAD has put forward a visionary, cutting-edge mission and promoted practices that combine tradition with contemporary aesthetics. In keeping with this mission is NOMAD’s approach to Sustainability. NOMAD has always valorized traditional craftsmanship, “perhaps the most tangible manifestation of cultural heritage’’ according to UNESCO, and approaches in art and design that are respectful of the environment, providing a counterpoint to mass-production or harmful and extractivist uses of resources. The mastering of craftsmanship, the continuation and creative revival of age-old traditions and know-how, are all integral to safeguarding the planet and creating a more sustainable future. In short, art, design, and architecture can play a significant role, leaving a positive footprint.


Mrs. Adriana Abascal

Mrs. Aud Cuniberti

Mrs. Beth De Woody

Mrs. Cathy Vedovi

Mrs. Cherine Magrabi

Lady Elena Foster

Mr. Julian Treger

Mrs. Marie Donnelly

Mrs. Nayla Audi

Mr. Rolf Sachs

Mrs. Taya Sawiris

Important decisions require exquisite advisors. We don’t take important decisions alone. NOMAD’s advisory committee is composed of highly esteemed collectors and art & design professionals.


Do you have a great idea or important question?

Please contact info@nomad-circle.com



Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte

Giorgio Pace



Cécile Belli Labouret

Galleries and Press Manager


Maddalena Pippa

Exhibition Manager


Alessandro Guarinoni

Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager


Josefina Degrossi Rossini

Administrative Coordinator


Renato Valerio Marzano

Partnerships & VIP Relations


Vashti Innes Ali

Contents Coordinator


Studio Vedèt

Visual Identity, Creative Consulting, Web Design



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